The Return

After many years away from the pencils, erasers, brushes, paints glues and papers I am making the effort to return to the artistic roots I had so thoughtlessly abandoned.  What once started out as a promising career in the arts became a passionless grind which resulted in the turning away from art and towards a more “secure” path. Little did I know how unsecured that new path was and how very empty in would leave me when all was said and done.

A new fire has been lit. The ideas that filled my head are being created. Projects once left by the wayside have been given new life. Some of the old feelings still exist, sometimes it is a grind but not without passion. Cleaning the bathroom is easy, art is hard.

I hope you will join me as I  explore my second art life.


About asskickinjim

Painter, Illustrator and cartoonist on a journey to find out how art fits into his life
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