The Push

Sometimes we need that push or maybe better yet a shove or even a swift kick in the ass! As an Artist this is sometimes hard to admit. I’m an artist right? i should be doing this for the pure love and joy I get from working. The pencil on the paper, the feel of the paint on the brush, the mixing and combining of color, the happy mistakes that happen when the brush isn’t clean and we find ourselves with an unexpected shade or texture.

That is the magic of the process, the doing. My problem is getting to the doing. The ideas are usually present and the materials plentiful but to sit down(or stand up, I do a lot of my work standing). Working at home alone with no real deadlines and distractions galore is a terrible combo for me. 

When I did regular illustration work I had basically a two week window. A week for ideas and sketches and another for the finish. I kept me on track and focused, without that it is much harder.

I have a gallery show in October. I’ve been doing the work but it is still a long way off  and i have a hard time pushing myself to do more work. I’ve applied to another cafe/gallery and am hoping that comes through. It may sound insane but if they told me they had an opening in May it might be the best thing that could happen. It would light that fire I need. That is the scary part, to be doing the work because you have to but not because you always want to. It causes doubt as an artist. I feel pure joy when i’m working I just don’t always have the push to do the work.

What do you do to stay motivated, focused, and working when the drive isn’t there?


About asskickinjim

Painter, Illustrator and cartoonist on a journey to find out how art fits into his life
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One Response to The Push

  1. I try to remember that taking a day or two or even a week to regroup is OK. It’s not being lazy, it’s a necessary time to think! Love the article and completely relate.

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