Who and what too

In a continuation of the “Who you know” theme the story continues. 

When visiting an educational arts program in my old work area I touched base with the cafe owner where my work will be in October. I visited some of my other old customers and stopped at a cafe/deli in another town. This cafe also regularly had displayed art on the walls but didn’t seem to have any kind of schedule for showing art. I was especially friendly with the deli workers as this was routine place to stop for lunch. It was lunchtime when I stopped and kind of busy, but stuck around to talk with my old friends. As an aside i asked Becky one of the women who works there about any kind of art schedule they may have. She immediately put me on the phone with the owner and we talked a few minutes, she asked me to submit samples via email. Which seems to be the way things are done these days.

I was away over the weekend but emailed her some samples the following Monday. I received a reply the next day saying she would put me down for May. MAY!! Today is the last day of February  and I need to have work for a small cafe in May and a larger cafe in October and then this happened…

This past Tuesday I was out to lunch with my father and his financial advisor. Lunches I usually find boring at best but I have a small amount of money invested with the same company so it might be in my interest to show up. The conversation weaved in and out from finances, the snow pile up here in Connecticut, family etc. It was a good lunch. The financial advisor asked about the artwork I was doing admitting he knew nothing about art. While I dabble in a few things including illustration and cartooning I mentioned the Fine Art, Abstract work I had been concentrating on and the upcoming shows. He said he was interested in doing an organic wine tasting to gain some new clients and that it would be at an Art Gallery. Maybe he could put some of my work on display and have someone talk about organic wine and someone to talk about the art. 

Another possibility from a who. When I show the work it usually keeps them interested and leads somewhere. 

I said in a previous post I am really not very good at the WHO part of “who you know” but I have used some past and current connections to make the best of things. 

I have always worked better with pressure and deadline looming and now I have signed myself up for both. The Who part has worked out surprisingly well now WHAT I do with it is the big question.Image



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Painter, Illustrator and cartoonist on a journey to find out how art fits into his life http://on.fb.me/WVIjAl
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