Technical Difficulties

In my ongoing attempt to conquer the world of social media things have gone terribly awry. Well not terribly awry but terribly in general. It really is too much and things keep changing and criss-crossing and then uncrossing and re-crossing to the point I don’t even know who is seeing what or why.

I reached out to another artist who has something like 10,000 followers on instagram. She does abstract paintings and uses it promote her work. Some in progress pieces, some finished pieces and some of them hanging in actual cafes and galleries. She can post a picture with no hashtags and have over a thousand likes in just a few hours. I reached out to her and she gave me some good advice. Keep the art separate and like and interact with other artists.

I tried this method but my split Instagram personality quickly took back over and instead of posting strictly pictures of my art I was taking pictures of random things in no time. Flowers, shadows on the walls, toys, pretty much whatever struck me funny or interesting at the moment. This was actually the second failed attempt as I at one time deleted a bunch of goofy pictures from the account to try and use it more to promote the comic strip. That didn’t work either. What I really need to do is create a second strictly art related account. Another account means another username and password to either write down or remember. If I have to create another username or password or change my password because I can’t remember what it is I am going to totally freak.

I like Instagram because it easily lets you decide where you want to share your photos. Strictly on Instagram or you can add them to Facebook, Twitter and other places (Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, none of which I have…yet)

A friend recommended Tweetdeck which I used for awhile as a twitter tool which you could also link to Facebook if the tweet was something you wanted to share . Apparently Twitter bought Tweetdeck and eliminated the Facebook sharing feature. So I use Tweetdeck less and less. I did hear of something called Hootsuite, which will let you do something similar. So I downloaded the app to my phone and linked my Facebook and Twitter and did a test Tweet. Total fail. I was first told the action couldn’t be completed.  The post did show up in my Twitter feed but not on Facebook. I haven’t tried again.

Interaction is the key. Tweeting and Retweeting are definitely the biggest mystery to me. But I will keep trying. I just wonder how people who are so active on the various means of social media have time to do anything else.





About asskickinjim

Painter, Illustrator and cartoonist on a journey to find out how art fits into his life
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